PHP Developer | August 2017 - Current

Specialized in backend operations while utilizing PHP (laravel) to design, develop and implement top-notch tools such as:

  • Email Service: Spearhead the design and development of an email marketing tool that ensures 100% transaction rate; the tool includes features such as Tour Recommendation, Auto Scaling, AB Test, Modular Template, Volume Check, Frequency Limit Checker, Subscription Handler, Command line tasks, and also facilitates API Integration with other internal services.
  • Email Automation: Designed and developed an efficient tool that automates emails and effectively acts on it thereby erasing manual techniques and reducing downtime by 6 hours. Performed Unit and integration testing using PHPUnit and integrated Third-party app via API;

Also working improving, rewriting and implement feature in the legacy code written in Code Igniter.

Proficiently utilized other technologies such as PHP/Laravel, Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, Redis, Docker, Sendgrid, and Mysql.

Beach Inspector
PHP Developer | June 2017 - August 2017

Work with PHP/Laravel in the in-house built software.

Main focus on write Unit Tests/Refactor to improve general code speed and maintainability. Also worked improving queries performance (MySQL)

Big Promoter
PHP Developer | February 2014 - Current

(Working remotely) Developing competitive, goal-driven websites to several BTB and BTC clients with PHP, Laravel, CodeIngniter, WordPress, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. Analysing clients’ requirements providing solution to optimize company performance

Successful Projects:

  • - Multi-tenancy Ecommerce marketplace, a place where a florist can build its own website with POS in less then 5 minutes. Using latest Laravel integration with Stripe Connect.
  • - Multi-tenancy site for Limousine websites, a place where a Limousine company can create its own site and also get direct leads. Using Laravel integrated with Stripe and Limo Anywhere, via Zapier.
  • - Website made in Laravel, with an REST API that communicate with Wordpress blogs.
  • - Made in Laravel 5.3, system that interacts with a Ruby on Rails application and manage the referral payments.
  • - Reservation system to Limousine companies made in Fat Free Framework
  • - Plugin in WordPress that uses Google Maps API to get distance and time from point to point using Google Maps API, integrates with Stripe, Paypal and Braintree payment gateways.
  • (Internal Tool) System made with Laravel 5.2 that communicate with multiple servers to run macro jobs on them. Created a REST API to communicate between server and system.


  • Developed a tool to handle automatically craigslist tasks, reducing the need of a person to do it manually and increasing the number of visits on each account.
  • Developed a website to sell ad spaces on domains that weren't being used, changing it from a cost to a profitable asset.
  • Created 2 reservations tools that together have already make more than 1000 reservations.


AI for Trading - Term 1 | 2019 (Online)

Stanford University
Mobile Web Application Development | 2019 (Standford, United States)

Continuing Studies

Dorset College
Game Analysis Design | 2013 (Dublin, Ireland)

Continuing Studies

Centro Universitário de Barra Mansa
Computer Engineering | 2002 - 2006 (Barra Mansa, Brazil)

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